Collaborate over Videos

"Video Review, Approval & Collaboration Made Easy"

Sharing and reviewing videos is a breeze on Framebench. With everyone in sync, you can give your feedback on each frame of the video and discuss every detail.

video collaboration tool
video collaboration tool

Sync'd playback for everyone

Framebench's Table-top Sync™ allows everyone online to view videos in sync. So play, pause or jump to anywhere in the video and everyone sees what you see. Instantly!

Frame-by-frame review

If you need to really need to dive deep, you could progress through the video on a frame level accurately. Needless to say, frames are sync'd across everyone online as well.

video collaboration tool
video collaboration tool

Draw, Annotate, Comment

Suggest changes and give feedback by actually drawing on top of frames and leaving notes there. The markers on the progress bar will guide you towards the annotated frames.

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