TableTop Sync

The best real-time sync you will ever see. Period.

Whether you're changing the presentation slides, zooming into that high resolution image, or annotating an important video frame, we'll make sure everyone online watch this activity as it happens.

online collaboration tool
It's called TableTop Sync because it works as if every team member is sitting around a table and the images and videos are present on it for everyone to see, pan, play or pause.
Zero Lag! Infinitely Awesome!
online collaboration tool

Quickly see who is online

When you are collaboraitng with remote teams you need to know when others have seen your files. Its a joy when you see your team members online and browsing the same files as you.

Continuous Sync

Your comments and annotations are sync'd with your team continuously, irrespective of whether you have TableTop Sync turned on or not.

online collaboration tool
online collaboration tool

Start a TableTop session

When you see someone online with whom you want to discuss something, just click on the TableTop Sync button and your views will get sync'd.Pan it, Zoom it and it reflects on the other end simultaneously.

Works with every file

We know you work with many file types. We won't limit you. TableTop sessions work equally awesome on text documents, images, GIFs and videos.

online collaboration tool
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