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Is my data safe?

The safety and privacy of your data is one of our prime concern. We transmit all the requests via secure 256 bit encryption technology. The backup of all your files and data ensures that you never lose anything. You can get more details from our Terms and Condition and Privacy pages

Can you explain your pricing?

We charge you on the number of files uploaded in projects created by you. You can have unlimited users and create unlimited projects.
Each plan has an additional limit on the number of video files added.

Can I change my plan anytime?

Sure! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime.
In the case of upgrade we will adjust the balance amount with additional days. For downgrade we will refund your additional amount.

Do you support integrations?

Presently we are supporting integration with Basecamp and soon Dropbox will join the list
Contact us if you don't see your favorite product in the list.

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