Preview & Annotate Gmail Attachments without Downloading!

Get Started
Installs the Chrome Extension for Gmail

Opens Inside Gmail

The annotation window pops up inside Gmail so you can get started without opening a new tab. Work faster, smarter, better.


Preview Without Downloading

You can preview any image (jpg, png, gif), document (doc, docx, xls, xlsx), presentation(ppt, pdf, pptx) or a video(.mp4) by clicking the 'comment' icon on the attachment.


Annotate Directly on the File

Using the handy tools, you can start marking up the file. Draw arrows, rectangles or use the pencil to point out specific corrections needed. As simple as pen & paper.


Start a Conversation

Using the comment tool, you can start a contextual discussion on an area in the file. Others can reply to this as well. Its like you're talking on parts of a file!


Save it as a Draft

Click save and we export the annotated file and your comments as a draft attached to the same thread. Others can add their comments using a link they receive.


Security is a Priority

We authenticate everyone opening an attachment to make sure they are allowed to. Its made sure that your data always remains with you on your Gmail account.

+ Install Framebench for Gmail

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