Live File Collaboration

Share, annotate, comment and review any file in realtime with people all across the world.

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Sometimes you need to quickly share files with a group of people, have them view it and give you feedback via comments and annotations. Framebench makes it real easy to do that.
All in real time!

Realtime Collaboration over Files

Packed with everything that you need.

View Files in Sync

Turn pages of a PDF, play a video or zoom an image, TableTop Sync makes sure everyone sees the same thing live.

Live Discussions

You see comments, replies and annotations as soon as they're made. Say bye bye to page refreshes!

Chat With Everyone

Framebench's group chat lets you skip the email platform completely and manage all communication in one single place.

...and more

Manage Files & Versions

Threaded Comments

Tasks, Assignment, Due dates

Use on Mobile Devices

Automated Workflows

Integrates with other tools




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