Online PDF Editing

Framebench is the easiest way to collaborate over PDF documents with your team.

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With Framebench you can share, comment and draw on any PDF document in seconds, which makes editing pdf files a breeze.

Packed with everything that you need.

Manage PDF Versions

Multiple versions help you track all the edits and changes made to the document. You can even manage versions in a neat magazine style view.

Draw & Discuss

Make freehand drawings or leave comments on your PDF. Others can reply and hold a threaded discussion. All online.

Assign Tasks

Convert your discussions to a tasks in a single click. Assign people and deadlines to these tasks for greater efficiency.

Maintain an Index

With the discussion log, you can view all the comments and replies in one place. Click them to jump to the exact location on the file.

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Live Sync Notifications

Threaded Comments

Document Approvals

Use on Mobile Devices

Automated Workflows

Integrates with other tools




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