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Framebench is the simplest way to collaborate with your team on any Document.

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Framebench simplifies document collaboration with your team. You can view any PDF online, annotate, comment and share it with others in under 2 minutes!

Document Collaboration online

Packed with everything that you need.

View Documents in Sync

Zoom, pan or flip pages of the document, TableTop Sync ensures that everyone is at the same place and page.

Annotate & Comment

Make freehand annotations or leave comments on your PDF. Others can reply and hold a threaded discussion. All online.

Threaded Discussions

Comments on PDF are threaded so multiple people can add replies to it and you can host a discussion contextually.

Create Workflows

Add workflows to direct the flow of the document and organize sign off's in a structured manner.

...and more

Live Sync Notifications

Threaded Comments

Tasks, Assignment, Due dates

Use on Mobile Devices

Document Approvals

Integrates with other tools




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