Framebench. Work Together Visually.

Framebench’s mission is to empower people to work together from half way across the globe. With varied professional backgrounds in the animation and design industry, management consulting, video production space, and analytics, we discerned the commonality in lack of focus and decreasing efficiency in multi-shore environment models. The outcome was a robust and easy to use engine that can do some crazy time saving keeping everybody on the same page. We’ve built the Framebench platform the ensure high level of collaboration with the simplest tools for a fast, smooth and seamless experience. Get to know us better in the section down below!
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The Team

Rohit Agarwal FramebenchRohit AgarwalCEO, Founder
Mehul Dudi FramebenchMehul DudiVP, Product
Parth Pareek FramebenchParth PareekVP, Business


Maneesh Bhandari FramebenchManeesh BhandariInvestor Director
Jai Natarajan FramebenchJai NatarajanAdvisor, Investor
Abhinav Khushraj FramebenchAbhinav KhushrajInvestor, Advisor