The Easiest Way to View, Annotate and Collaborate over any File.

Works with images, pdfs, documents, presentations, spreadsheets and even videos!

online collaboration tool
  • online collaboration tool
  • online collaboration tool
  • online collaboration tool
  • online collaboration tool

All your files in one place

Everyone sees what you see

Better online discussions

Automagic documenting

Our team stores all our games' visuals like prototypes, videos and final versions in one location.

online collaboration toolNigel Little,Distinctive Games

Keep everything organized

Framebench workspaces are like real world rooms where you can pull in people and pull out files to discuss with ease.
online collaboration tool
online collaboration tool

Impress your clients

Get professional by presenting your work on Framebench. Clients love the ease of giving and documenting feedback.

Scribble over files

True visual collaboration. Interact with files online, draw over them, leave comments, mark pages and scribble to your heart’s content.

Manage versions

Everybody does revisions but we help you get through them faster and smarter. Flip through your versions like magazine pages.Learn More

TableTop Sync

Keep everybody on the same page and avoid ambiguity by synchronized views. It’s fast like magic and it just works!Learn More

Collaborate with Everyone. Anywhere.

Group Chat

Talk to your team and your clients from a single location inside itself.

Hangout Love

Access & discuss upon all your files as you're on a hangout with your peers.

Connect with Apps

Integrate Framebench within your workflow with your favorite apps.
online collaboration tool


online collaboration tool


  • Framebench’s focus on real-time communication, collaboration and sync gives it an edge over the other tools.
  • Framebench allows people to design, edit, email and speak about the same piece of work in one place!
  • Framebench prioritizes collaboration between digital agencies, design firms and their clients.
  • If you often work on joint projects with other professionals Framebench will come in pretty handy.
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